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I developed TACG for several reasons:

  • First, I thought it would be fun. I am involved in software development in my real job and oddly enough it is a hobby.
  • Second, I thought it would be educational. Indeed, I have learned a lot technically and personally.
  • Third, I thought having a development tool credited to my name could only further my marketability as a developer with potential employers. Just think of being able to hand out a CD with software you had written in addition to that resume!

I never had the intent of making TACG a commercially marketed product. That being said, I have put a lot of time and my own money in to its development over the past four to five years. If you decide to try TACG, I humbly ask for your feedback; whether you think it is great or it is useless. Please tell me why though. I really do want to make it better, but being that I am just one person what I think is usable might be much different than what you think. If you decide that you want to use TACG beyond the trial period and you provide me with feedback I'll be glad to send you a serial and key for FREE! I do reserve the right to refuse a serial and key if I don't think your feedback is substantial ... and please send me a real e-mail address, or you won't get a serial and key (I won't give your e-mail address away to anyone unless you want me to). I think that if TACG saves you an hour's worth of work, you'll find that your time providing me feedback was worth your while.

Keep in mind that I will continue to put effort and my own money in to TACG as well as purchasing software and hardware that will make it easier for me to develop TACG and also keep in mind that I currently have a day job, so I apologize in advance for my slow response time!

Thank you for your support!
Don Warth

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