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Table Access Code Generator (TACG)

Table Access Code Generator (TACG)is an application that generates DDL for relational databases, Visual Basic ActiveX classes that access the tables you generate with TACG and Visual Basic forms and source code that utilize the Visual Basic ActiveX classes.

The primary function of TACG is that it generates Visual Basic ActiveX classes. There are many benefits to having generated data access components with TACG which include:

  • Centralized table access; make changes in one place, not fifty programs
  • Speed up development by generating standard data access subroutines
  • Eliminates the need to know SQL
  • ActiveX classes can be customized by adding new methods, or modifying methods already used
  • ActiveX generation is accomplished through ActiveX classes which in turn can be invoked by other software
  • TACG can support you through the development life cycle by serving as a data dictionary and generating reports for various developers to use when developing their specifications and programs

I don't particularly enjoy stating that I wrote this application because I am lazy. Quite honestly I found that when I was developing solutions which accessed databases I found myself writing a lot of the same code over and over again. Even though I might store the code in functions or subroutines, I often had to debug SQL statements that I coded incorrectly. Since developing TACG I have not had to worry about that. In fact, TACG was rewritten using ActiveX classes generated in the original prototype application. TACG provides the following methods: Open Cursor (recordset), Close Cursor, Fetch Next, Get Unique, Delete, Update, Add and Count. Utilizing these methods is simple; declare and instantiate the object (table in this case), set the properties and invoke the appropriate method.

Screen shots:

  • Define data elements
  • Define tables
  • Add columns\properties to tables
  • Specify output destination

Sample code:




What is in the future for TACG? See the planned enhancement list

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