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TACG Planned Enhancements*

1.1 Prevent column names being created that are reserved words
  Add OR\IN functionality in to WHERE clauses
  Enhanced error handling in generated code
  Enhanced error handling in application
  Add link to web site from help menu
  dd option to open code after it is generated in a specified application
1.2 Generate ASP CRUD
  Folder selection in the system settings should only require single click for selection
  Allow change of table name and data element name; add new object, copy old data, delete old object, delete columns (if table)
  Use Common Dialog for folder selection
  Add DDL generators for SQL Server
1.3 Add methods for other aggregate functions (SUM, MAX, MIN for numeric fields) with Group By capability.
  Build table definitions from a table within a RDBMS
1.4 Generate C# Access Classes
1.x, 2.x, 3.x Add DDL generators for DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Informix and other DBMS
2.x Generate Java Access Classes
  Generate JSP CRUD
  Generate SWING Windows
  Allow joins on multiple tables with new custom classes. Support indexed fields only.
3.x Generate C++ Access Classes
  Generate PERL access classes
  Allow restore of deleted items from the repository
  Integrate comparison tool for comparing newly created classes with old classes that may have been updated manually.


Although the current release only supports single tables, there are arguments for and against table access components that join tables together. In defense of the single table component, complex joins can often hinder performance. At times it is better to programatically join tables through code. Likewise, defining a view of multiple tables with a query can lead to much easier programming. Although TACG does not currently support joins, that functionality is on our enhancement list.

*All statements regarding future enhancements by Warthware to Table Access Class Generator are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

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