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Using the latest and greatest tool is not always practical in a software development environment. Often, software companies are pushing their latest and greatest software on their customers and requiring expensive upgrades. The resources we do have dictate the means by which our projects are accomplished. Resource include time, money and skilled labor. All three are interrelated. TACG contributes to savings with all three resources.

TACG will reduce the time it takes you to develop an application that accesses a database:

  • TACG generates database access code
  • TACG reduces chance for coding mistakes and necessary rework
  • TACG eliminates the need to know SQL in most cases

By using TACG to reduce development time, you will save in project expenses

  • Reducing rework lowers cost
  • TACG is much cheaper, quicker and more reliable than a skilled database programmer

By using TACG to reduce development time and save in project expenses:

  • Skilled labor is freed up to work on application function, not database access

While TACG does not promise to do all of the work other tools can do, it can be an economical alternative. Often we get caught up in the hype of which tool is best. Our answer is strictly, "Whatever works for you!"

Why not try TACG?

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