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Did you know Warthware's TACG repository and table access components were actually created using a functioning prototype.

The TACG repository was originally a Microsoft® Access database that stored data element definitions, table definitions and the elements that are columns on the tables. Access code was written to generate DDL, but the original source code generator was built in Microsoft® Visual Basic. Source code is now generated from ActiveX components that you can utilize in your own development. Look up tables, application settings and even mappings from TACG's internal data types to data types specific to database specific data types and language specific data types are stored in TACG's internal repository.

With all of that data, building TACG with the same data access classes has been a great proof of concept. In fact, TACG's capability to generate CRUD application code that utilizes the generate data access classes is evidence that TACG's core function (table access classes) really works.

If your not convinced, why not try TACG?

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