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TACG does not promise to be the answer to all of your development issues, but it does strive to provide a powerful, helpful and economic tool in developing applications that require database access. No matter which development methodology you use, at some point you will perform definition of data structures. Some times this will occur at the time of gathering requirements. Other times, you will design data structures during analysis or design. Often, you will define data structures in all three phases of development.

Model your data in TACG; Its not exactly the most flashy interface, but it is functional. TACG will support you through requirements, analysis, design and construction The data element, table definition facility and reports provide a repository and documentation to support users and developers. DDL, ActiveX and CRUD generation can save tremendous time in the construction phase. The CRUD interfaces generated by TACG can even provide support during testing by providing an interface by which developers and testers alike can manipulate data on tables.

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